After a hard day at work with people not always so nice, I look forward to a great smile & a sincere “Hi” from the office staff. I came back to this apartment community after it re-opened because of them. I’ve never regretted it ever. Not only do they do a great job running things, but they have become my friends. Sometimes I feel blue ’n sad – I simply go down to the office & get a cup of coffee and great smiles from both of them. Thanks! Keep up the excellent job. I really appreciate both of the people in the office. They have indeed gone the extra mile.


Although nobody is ever thrilled about getting a rent increase, I wanted to let you know that I am very proud to be a tenant here. I feel like these apartments are very well managed and the grounds always look nice. Whenever my mother comes to visit, she always comments on how good the complex looks and the fact that there is never garbage laying around and the grass is always cut. When my friends come to visit I can be confident in knowing that the apartments that I live in will always look presentable. That is important to me and it is obviously important to you, too. I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job managing and maintaining these apartments.


I have lived here for 6 years and have been absolutely pleased everyday with the staff and how I have been treated. The staff waste no time coming when you need maintenance help. Whenever they see litter they are quick to pick it up....anything that mars our paradise they are right on top of it. The office staff takes pride in their work and you an tell they really want to do a good job. The office is always neat and orderly.

My husband and I want to give you an a commendation. My husband phoned in a request to have our faucet fixed, as it was dripping and we were unable to repair it ourselves. The next day it was repaired before we got home from work. We appreciate the way in which the community is run to accommodate its residents.

John and Karen

My name is Kristine and I was a long time resident. I wanted to send you a letter to compliment the wonderful managers you have on staff. They are wonderful people who care about the up keep of the complex & the well being of their residents. They work fast at resolving problems & while they uphold the rules they do it with fairness & treat all residents equally. If ever I had a complaint or a problem with something in my apartment they were always right on it to make sure it was resolved as quickly as possible. I will miss living here & the company of the long time tenants that I befriended. I enjoyed my time here & thought you should be aware of how wonderful your resident managers are.

..........Now for a little about myself: My name is Sandra and I have been the United Postal Service Letter Carrier for this property for the past 26 years. In that length of time, as you can expect I have worked with a myriad of Managers, Assistant Managers, etc. I just wanted to tell you that this property is running better now that it ever has.

Thanks again,

Happy Spring! Landscaping looks nice! So does the new sign. Thank you for making my home a place to be proud of.